The Client Communication Revolution

A Web Portal that uses your clients to grow your firm

Rachel Williams
CEO Zaliet

Clients are precious. They pay the bills today and provide the platform to pay the bills in the future. And yet despite their importance, so much effort goes into finding new clients and far less into looking after existing ones.

Your existing happy clients are your best referral sources. Probably more than 80% of your work comes from referrals. And yet how easy is it for an existing client to refer someone to you?

Zaliet is changing that.

The new Web Portal from Zaliet is a product that enables you to consolidate all the major touchpoints between you and your clients in one place, and at the same time makes it very easy for your clients to refer their family, friends and business acquaintances to your firm.

Your Web Portal works hand in glove with your email signature.

Every email that you send a client will conveniently include links directly to your Web Portal. Clients no longer need to remember where to go to interact online, or worse, search and find a competitor – the links are in the footer of every email they receive from you.

A Web Portal is a single webpage that only provides functionality to your clients to do things. It does not include any marketing language, it just demonstrates your firm's ability to engage using 21st-century tools.

You can use your primary domain to host the Portal, or you can create a subsidiary domain to your main website and create an easy link from the one to the other.

Increasingly, firms don’t want to spend time and effort on complex websites. The online battle is one that it is hard if not impossible to win, but the Internet as a tool for you to provide great client service is invaluable.

When one talks of the Internet, we must specifically mention mobile phone usage. Increasingly we are all interacting online on our phones. In fact, our own research has shown that an astonishing 80% of online appointment bookings are made on mobiles. Why? Because it is easier. Zaliet will help you solve this problem.

Another great shortcoming of most websites is that there is no system for collecting enquiries on the website other than emails. The Web Portal provides you with a chronological list of all enquiries made so nothing gets missed. It also enables your staff to use it to capture incoming telephone enquiries so that all incoming enquiries are recorded in one place that you can look at wherever you are and whenever it is convenient.


I have mentioned the opportunities and problems already, but it is worth reiterating that whilst many people might want to refer a new client to you, in the moment, it is too hard to do. They can't find your number or email when it counts.

The Web Portal makes this easy. Your client goes to your Portal (she has a link to it in her last email from you) and simply clicks on the ‘Recommend Us’ button conveniently located in the top left of the screen. It automatically opens a pre-filled email (you can edit it of course) for your client to use – all they need is the email address of the person they are referring to you. The email drives the prospective client to the Portal so that the enquiry is captured in a systematic way and the referral is not wasted.


Usually, when a client or prospective client wants to make an appointment it is an inelegant and difficult process, with lots of potential break-down points where you might lose the prospective client to another firm that is better at it than you.

The Web Portal places appointment booking at the very front and centre. It is what clients are looking for and how you make a living. When they arrive on the page, it invites action.

Most people prefer to make medical and restaurant bookings online. So do your clients!

You enjoy complete control over your availability and the type of appointment that you are going to allow to be made online.

Some lawyers prefer to only allow a brief telephone call booking to be made so that they can efficiently filter out a matter before fully getting started. Others allow clients and prospects to make standard appointments online just like scheduling a visit to the doctor.

The appointment booking system integrates seamlessly with Outlook and Google Calendar, so you still only have to manage your appointments in one place.

As a bonus, you can set the system to send SMS reminders of appointments directly to the individual making the appointment -the most effective way of minimising the dreaded no show.

If you do court work, an appointment at the court will ensure that your client gets an SMS reminder of where and when to appear, reducing stress further for you.


Getting paid fast is crucial for your cash flow it is true but making it is easy for your clients to pay you is doing your clients a great service.

Your Web Portal includes the Rapid Pay online payment system that integrates directly into LEAP.

It is possible to generate invoices for the payment of bills, and requests for deposits in anticipation of the work being done and for all your clients to make online payments using credit cards or electronic transfers, directly from the Portal.

There cannot be any excuses for a client not to pay. It is online and easy.

The great convenience, of course, is that the payment will instantly be allocated against the correct invoice in the right matter for the right client. And the money is banked. All without human intervention. It is instant, and accurate and eliminates all the administrative costs associated with handling money.

If you are at court and need funds it is no longer a problem, just refer your client to the portal to make payment.

From the footer of your email signature to the payment gateway in an instant. It has never been easier for you to get paid.

Your clients know they have to pay you, why not make it easy for them?

Your Matters

Whilst email is incredibly convenient the truth is that we all get too many of them. Important emails are buried in the flood of junk mail we all receive, and it happens so often that a filter intended to protect us from spam sends an important email to Junk or Clutter. In the flood, even finding email sent a few weeks ago can be hard.

Those of us in business are accustomed to these problems, but very many people do not use email as part of their work life, for them, finding a ‘lost’ or ‘never received’ email is an impossibility. The Portal easily and conveniently helps them to move to online services because they don’t have to remember anything.

LawConnect is a system designed to enable you to share matter information with your clients and others so that your clients can look at and react to information in their matters without having to bother you.

There is a link to LawConnect in the footer of your signature file. You don’t have to tell your clients where to go, the link is obvious to them. In future, if they want to look at a matter, they will know that it can be found through their Web Portal.

By involving clients in their matters in this way where there is no barrier to sharing information, you will build much deeper and reliable relationships with your clients.


Existing clients have new matters and prospective clients want to make enquiries. Simply filling in a form on the Web Portal places the ‘Enquiry’ on the Enquiries Dashboard. Because every enquiry is listed you won’t miss any of them, and if you have your receptionist enter of telephone enquiries into the system you will know that your firm has just one standardised and manage way of capturing future work.

Once you have assessed the enquiry, you can automatically convert it into a Person in LEAP. You will have a complete audit trail of your enquiries, the various sources, and the % that converted into work.

You have never had a better understanding of incoming work that you will using the Web Portal Dashboard.

Your Phone Number

With the death of printed telephone books and the Yellow Pages, all small firms have become exposed to the risk of not being found, or clients being attracted away because of the listing lottery that Google and Bing searches have become.

By making your phone number easy to find and even easier to dial – just tap on the phone, you will minimise the chances of your clients and enquirers not being able to find your phone number.

The best way to understand how a Web Portal can help your clients is to see it for yourself. We would love to show you.

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