Audit your website

Find out how your law firm’s website is performing.

Zaliet Add-Ons - Website Audit

You have likely heard the phrases search engine optimization, user experience, title tags, site speed and more thrown around in regard to your website. But do you know why they are important and how well your website is performing in each?

Consider an audit of your website like a routine checkup at the doctor, to make sure everything is “healthy” and performing as it should be - and where improvements can be made.

How does this work with Zaliet?

Zaliet realizes the importance of having an effective website to attract and maintain clients. That’s why we offer our expertise to design and develop websites for firms. It is also the reason we offer this service to audit your firm’s website.

We will provide you with a PDF report of how your website is performing in a number of important categories, including:

Your report will also include suggestions of how to improve your website performance so you know exactly how to proceed.

Ready to audit your website? You can purchase the service for $180. Once purchased there will be a short form to complete where you can submit which website you would like audited.

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