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Social media marketing platform for attorneys.

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At Scroll, they help attorneys cut through the noise of social media marketing and provide them with a streamlined training session that builds out and optimises their profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. The easy-to-use Scroll platform allows attorneys to create, manage and publish content all in one easy place. They also provide supplemental content by practice area to ensure each subscriber always has engaging and informative posts to share.

Consider an audit of your website like a routine checkup at the doctor, to make sure everything is “healthy” and performing as it should be - and where improvements can be made.

3 Parts to a successful system:

Comprehensive Social Media Training: They show you how to get started and grow on each platform with a step-by-step system. The comprehensive training provides a wide scope of information + tactics for successful social media marketing + ethical considerations specifically for lawyers. Scroll also offers additional training specific to online engagement and prospecting.

Scroll Platform: An easy tool that helps you create, manage and publish using branded landing pages where all the posts accumulate as long-tail keyword rich content branded to you.

Content: They offer subscription packages to supplement your content with posts they create for you based on your practice area. The Q&A format and engaging images serve as a consistent way for you to have branded, educational content publishing on a consistent basis.

How does scroll work with Zaliet?

Zaliet encourages firm’s to use social media as a way to engage with clients and reach prospective clients. Your Zaliet website makes it easy for you to display your social media channels and easy for your clients to connect with your firm. Scroll helps attorneys cut through the noise of social media and provides you with an easy way to create, manage and publish content.

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