Make your email signature a marketing tool

Do more with your emails. Use Zaliet's email signature to let your clients pay bills, view and comment
on documents or book appointments.

Make your email signature useful


Email is a frequent and high-impact marketing opportunity

Emails are the main way clients hear from you. That's why you include your logo, phone number and address. But what if you could do more with your emails?


Let clients book appointments, pay bills and view documents - all from your email signature

Zaliet email signatures allow your clients to interact with your firm, which increases the value of your email signature. Clients can pay bills, view documents and book appointments from quick links in your email signature.


Effortlessly provide better client service

Instead of calling your office for appointments, clients can look up your email and book an appointment with you online. Rather than searching for documents or bills, clients can find your most recent email to view documents and pay bills online.

Your email signature and Web Portal integrate with LEAP to help automate expensive non-billable tasks

For the first time, clients can connect with your firm online, from any device, 24/7.

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